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  • Children Reviews

“Very good. Since taking NV7, My baby haven’t had seizures for 6-7 months.”

Before : My baby, who has had epilepsy since the age of 4 months, is often ill, eats less, excretes badly, and is not cheerful. They had seizures about 2-3 times a month.n ill, eats less, excretes badly, is not cheerful. They had seizures about 2-3 times a month.
After : After taking this supplement, they haven’t had seizures for about 6-7 months now. Their excretory system is good. They can eat better. The younger one plays well and has become stronger. He doesn’t cry as much as before. I think because he’s healthier and the children’s development is better too.

Ms. Kanyapat (Mother)
1 year old twin, Nesley&Onew

“Before, my child had seizures more than ten times a month. Now there are no seizures. I’m very impressed.”

Before : My child has had seizures since the age of 3 months and has a short attention span (ADHD). He also seemed to have a slight fever all the time.
After : He has now taken five boxes of supplements. He has been getting better since the second box. Before, there were dozens of seizures a month. Now it’s been 5 months, and I haven’t seen any seizures. I am very impressed. Also, he has better concentration, better sleep, better excretion, eats better, and seems happier and more energetic too.

Buali (Mother)
5 years old child

” I’m very impressed. “My child has fewer seizures and can also remember things better.” 

Before : My Child had epilepsy, constipation, poor memory, poor eating, dizziness and pale face.
After :  My child is a lot better now. I’m very impressed. Seizures and eating problems have both been reduced, and memory is much improved along with his health. 
Sunee (Mother)
4 years old Muyong

“Since taking NV7, my son has not had any seizures. And the child’s height, health, and mood are all improving.” 

Before : Less than a day after his birth, he had spasticity. The doctor said it was epilepsy. He had been taking the medication since then. But he still had seizures. And his development was slower than that of children of the same age. His sleep time was a mess. He also couldn’t eat much and had a constipation problem.
After : Ever since he started taking NV7, he hasn’t had any seizures. And he can sleep continuously without waking up in the middle of the night. Now he can poop every day. He can eat better. His height and weight increased. His mood also improved. My child’s overall development is much better. This one really helps. 
Praphasson (Mother)
3 years old Boss
  • Teenagers Reviews

“Improved much better in many aspects, including seizures, concentration, sleep, and being healthier.”

Before : My child had epileptic seizures, a short attention span (ADHD), poor sleep, little appetite, was unable to walk, and had been drooling since he was 6 years old, after he had a high fever. He had very frequent seizures, 2-3 times a day, for 3–4 minutes each time, and often fell and hit his head.
After : After taking NV7,  he’s much better in many ways. He rarely has seizures. His pupils are straight instead of tilting to one side, he sleeps better, and he has better bowel movements. His concentration has also gotten better.
Kanyapat (Mother)
13 years old Pan

The doctor suggested surgery. But now he doesn’t need it because, after taking NV7, he doesn’t have seizures anymore.

Before : The child has epileptic seizures. We went to the doctor every 2-3 months. The doctor said he needs surgery. But I didn’t want my son to have this surgery.
After :
His symptoms improved a lot. He doesn’t have seizures anymore. Also, he can eat and sleep better, concentrate better, and be a lot healthier than before.
Sai (Mother)
12 years old Itt

Only after a few boxes of NV7 have my child’s symptoms improved significantly: fewer seizures, improved concentration, and improved memory.

Before : My 9-year-old son has had seizures since the age of 4 months. The doctor gradually adjusted and added more and more pills. But the symptoms did not improve at all.
After : After contacting NV7 for advice on nutritional supplements, their consultant gave very good advice. After taking about 1-2 boxes of supplements, my child’s condition clearly improved: he had fewer seizures, his concentration and memory improved, and his overall development improved significantly. 
Tammasak (Father)
9 years old Anit

” No more seizures, my son’s health is much stronger. Everything is better. “

Before : My son had epilepsy, his health was not strong. Poor sleep, poor bowel movements, often vomiting, too little appetite, and being emotionally aggressive and hard to talk to.
After : This supplement is very good. After taking NV7 supplement, he became stronger, had no more seizures, and his bowel system improved. He can sleep well. Vomiting is gone. Better appetite. His mood has improved, and he is much easier to talk to.
Guitar’s Mother
18 years old Guitar

I’m glad to find this supplement. Thank you for making my daughter better. She can study better. And her seizures have improved a lot.

Before : My daughter had epilepsy and ADHD
After : After eating, the frequency of convulsions gradually decreased; she can now eat better and poop more often. sleep better. Her brain seems to function better. She has eaten about 5 boxes and will continue to eat. Because it also helps nourish her brain. She can study better at school. Thanks to NV7, my daughter has gotten back to normal. I’m very happy.
Onnisha’s Mother
10 years old Onnisha

I’m very impressed. Now she has no seizures whatsoever. She sleeps better too.

Before : My child had epilepsy while sleeping. And she can’t sleep well.
After : I’m very impressed with this product. After taking supplements, my child’s symptoms clearly improved. Until now, she has not had any seizures. She sleeps more soundly and deeply. She feels refreshed in the morning. Thanks to NV7.
Nei’s Mother
6 years old Nei

Before he couldn’t play any sports. But now all the seizures are gone, and he can play. I’m very happy.

Before : My son has seizures, usually at 4 a.m., rarely eats, very skinny.
After : He doesn’t have seizures anymore. He can go out and play sports, and he no longer has seizures while doing so. He eats better and weighs better. He can sleep deeply and soundly. He used to be forgetful, can’t remember much. But now his memory has also improved. And he’s become friendlier to us, the parents. I’m very relieved.
A’s Mother
12 years old A

Very impressed. Less seizure. I’m so glad that my grandchildren got to eat NV7.

Before : Seizures with convulsions happened 4-5 times per month. After taking the doctor’s medicine for 2–3 years, the seizures have not improved. He also has autism, can’t speak, a short uvula, and spasms all over the body. When he had seizures, he was unable to control himself. He is often emotionally imbalanced, easily irritated.
After : After taking the supplement, the seizures decreased, and he has become healthier. I’m very impressed and happy that my grandchild’s condition has improved.
Sommai (Father)
18 years old Pakkawat

My child’s condition has improved since the first box. Until now, she had taken 3 boxes of NV7, the seizures never happened.

Before : Have a child with epilepsy. So I try to order it for him to eat.
After : Since the first box, her health is better. She can sleep deeply. He can eat better and seems more refreshed. Now that she has eaten the 3rd box, her condition is much better. I will continue to let my child be nourished. Thanks for this supplement that makes my child better and now she doesn’t have seizures anymore.

He doesn’t have seizures anymore. His mood has gotten a lot better.

Before : My child’s epilepsy symptoms included excessive salivation, bulging eyes, stiff hands, and a stiff body.He had a bad temper. He took medicine from the hospital but still couldn’t control his seizure. I searched Google and saw this supplement, so I ordered it.
After :
His symptoms have improved a lot. He doesn’t have seizures anymore. His mood seems to be a lot better and happier.
Toy (Mother)
17 years old Son

Since taking the first box of NV7, my son hasn’t had a seizure again. His development is better. Also, he’s not as aggressive as before.

Before : At the age of 1 year, he had a brain infection. At the age of 7, she had seizures. The doctor gave him an anticonvulsant medication. But after 2 weeks, he had seizures again. It comes and goes until he grows older. He had seizures up to twice a day on some days. I was very worry.
After :
His seizures stopped after the third box. He can poop better. He can go to the toilet by himself. He sleeps better, more deeply and soundly, and does not move around as much as he used to. He can eat better. His skin seems to be healthier and refreshed, not as pale as before. He can concentrate better. He listens better to my words and is not as moody as before. He seems happier. I’m very happy with the result.
Boom’s Mother
15 years old Boom
  • Adult Reviews

” I’m now able to live a normal life. I’m very happy.

Before : I have epilepsy, both regular seizures and gelastic seizures, with uncontrollable laughing. And it affected my mood with frustration, anger, mood swings, and depression. I have poor sleep and constipation too.
After : The seizures are much better now that I can live a normal life. I can exercise without worrying. No mood swings, no irritability. My constipation problem is better. Sleep deeply. Now I feel bright and cheerful.
20 years old

My daughter’s seizures have greatly improved. Her health is a lot better than before.

Before : She had seizures very often. She had a hot temper, was easily irritated, was moody, and rarely spoke with other people. She has insomnia too.
After : After taking the NV7 supplement, her symptoms have improved a lot; she now rarely has seizures. She can eat well. She looks healthier. Emotionally, she looks cheerful and happier. She is doing a lot better than before.
Oraya’s Father
24 years old Oraya

Now she is much better. Both seizures are reduced, and her health has greatly improved.

Before : My daughter had epilepsy since she was nine years old. She was staring blankly and had lost consciousness. She took anti-epileptic drugs and still couldn’t stop her symptoms. I tried researching what could help her, and then I found many of NV7’s reviews on Youtube. And I bought it.
After :
After taking NV7, her seizures and her health have greatly improved. Before, she was a person who didn’t talk much and was quiet. Now she’s cheerful and bright. She can go out and make friends. She can go to work without worrying about her seizure anymore.
28 years old

My mother used to have seizures very often. It’s almost nonexistent now. Mom has gotten a lot stronger too. I’m so happy.

Before : My mother has had epilepsy since childhood. Before taking supplements, she had seizures more than 10 times a month. And each section of seizures is very long. After the seizures passed, she was exhausted and seemed to have lost consciousness.
After : After taking the supplement, there were no or very few seizures each month. And the symptom has gotten a lot better. The symptoms of seizures are greatly reduced. She feels refreshed and does not seem as tired as before. She can eat and sleep better and become a lot stronger.
37 year old mother

I used to have seizures 7–10 times a day. However, the frequency is greatly reduced only after a few weeks of supplement use. Now I feel a lot healthier.

Before : I have had epilepsy since the age of 12. Since then, I have been taking anti-epileptic drugs. When I was 19, I suddenly had vertigo and ringing in my ears. And from then on, the seizures became increasingly severe, eventually reaching the level I had before starting the supplement, which was about 7–10 times per day. It happened even more often during the rainy season, when I was sick, or during the menstrual period. The doctor had adjusted the medications many times but still couldn’t control the symptom.
After : After a few boxes, the symptom became less and lighter, not as heavy as before. And the frequency of seizures is getting less and less. It makes my health stronger too. I’m very impressed and thankful with the result.
33 years old

No seizures. It’s gone. Thank you very much.

Before : I had epilepsy and needed to take many drugs. I don’t want to take the medicine forever because it affects my health and my brain. But when I tried to stop taking the drug, the seizures returned.
After : After eating this, I don’t have any seizures at all. I often had a bad headache, and it’s also gone. And my hands and arms were numb, but now everything is normal. I’m very happy.
26 years old

My employee at work has had no seizures after taking the supplement. Safe and reliable.

Before : He had seizures from brain accidents. Muscle twitching, jerking, and loss of consciousness. It happened 2-3 times a week, with each seizure lasting 10–20 minutes.
After : After taking NV7 for a few boxes, the frequency of seizures gradually decreased, from 2-3 times a week to once a month. And now he hasn’t had any seizures for about 2 months. I considered this NV7 very effective. It’s a good supplement and it’s safe and reliable.

” My health is stronger, and I don’t have seizures anymore. I feel energetic and refreshed. “

Before : I had epilepsy. I had seizures about 2 times a month, lasting about 2 hours each time. And I also had allergy problems, dizziness, frequent fevers, and sweating.
After : After taking the supplement, I feel stronger than before. Seizures are gone! I wake up and feel refreshed.
52 years old

” When I had a seizure, the back of my neck always ached. But now all that’s gone. And my seizures have gotten a lot better than before. “

Before : I had an accident in which my leg was broken. Then I had seizures, during which I blacked out and lost consciousness. And I’m experiencing ache and pain in the back of my neck.
After : After I have taken supplements. All the pain in the back of the neck is gone. I feel a lot better, and the seizures are becoming less frequent. I’m very impressed.
30 years old

” My seizures have improved a lot. I’ve become healthier, and I sleep better too. “

Before : I have had epilepsy since I was born. I had spasms, jerking, and muscle twitching, and I bit myself while losing consciousness.
After : I can sleep a lot better than before. Seizures were reduced. My constipation is gone, and I feel very healthy now.
32 years old

NV7 by itself does not cure any disease. It’s the nutrition that supports the function of the body’s self-repairing.” This naturally allowed the body to heal itself. 

Our body has the ability to heal itself better than any medicine. However, it requires adequate nutrition to provide cells and organs with the nutrients they require to function properly and to repair its own body. 


NV7 is recommended as a shortcut that combines natural nutrients. selected by our doctors, researchers, and health experts. And specially recommended for helping people with epilepsy problems.

And we also have a team of natural-therapy health experts. Both doctors and health trainers. Follow up, take care, and give advice throughout the recovery period.

  • Help each individual by analyzing different factors.
  • Help patients recover faster by recommending suitable self-care guidelines.
  • Assist in restoring the body’s ability to rebalance itself effectively so that you can see the results. And not let epilepsy come back. 

Epilepsy&Seizure & Natural Therapy

Abnormal electrical activity in the brain causes seizures.

ชักกระตุก ชักเกร็ง

Abnormal nerve signaling is caused by abnormal blood circulation from holistic health that is out of balance.


To cure seizures at their root cause, we must regain balance in our health, especially by adding enough essential nutrients for our body to use.

seizure natural therapy
regain balance
human body epilepsy
  • High Quality Ingredients


100% Natural Extract Nutrients

Our research formula combines high-quality natural nutrients. NV7 contains high-quality amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in a cellular nourishment formula. Enhance the development and repair of brain cells and holistic health at the same time.

The supplement is a 100% natural extract without chemicals and does not add any preservatives. It is a research formula that people with liver disease and kidney disease can eat safely. As a result, there are no negative effects, and they are also beneficial to health in the long run. 

1 Tablet weight 1,000 mg

• L-Glutamine 150 mg
• L-Arginine 100 mg
• L-Lysine Monohydrochloride 100 mg
• L-Ornithine 85 mg
• Inositol 77.30 mg
• L-Leucine 50 mg
• Choline Bitartrate 50mg
• Yeast Beta-Glucan 75% 40 mg
• L-Theanine 33 mg
• L-Valine 25 mg
• L-Isoleucine 25 mg
• Coenzyme Q10 15 mg
• Calcium Ascorbate Dihydrate 6 mg
• Glycine 5 mg
• DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 50% 1.5 mg
• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 0.62 mg
• Vitamin A Acetate (325000IU/g) 0.62 mg
• D-Pantothenate,Calcium (Vitamin B5) 0.5 mg
• Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 0.2 mg
• Vitamin B12 0.1% 0.15 mg
• Thiamine Hydrochloride 0.15 mg
• Riboflavin 98% 0.15 mg
• Folic Acid 0.015 mg

The box has 20 tablets with a total weight of 20,000 mg.

Can be eaten by all ages, including babies, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

It is easy to eat, has no bitter taste, and can be chewed, swallowed, or crushed. It can also be dissolved, mixed with water, milk, or mixed with food to eat. 


Completely passed FDA, GMP, HALAL, HACCP standards


Received the Gold Award for Best Product Innovation from England

  • A Guide to Eating and Health Care


There is a document on how to start taking NV7 attached to the product.

  • There is a document attached to the product, along with detailed health care advice.
  • There is a personal health advisor service. You can inquire and consult throughout the course set.
  • And recommend health care guidelines to improve your health quickly.

No more worry about epilepsy

Help with natural therapy, repairing from within at the root cause so that the body can repair itself and regain balance.
  • You don’t have to take anti-epileptic drugs for the rest of your life.
  • Feel fresh, bright, healthy, in a good mood, and with balance.
  • Live life without worry.




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